Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It is a cold, crisp, bluebird day and I can hardly believe we are just days away from Christmas. This is my first official attempt at being a blogger. One of my many goals this fall, along with getting set up on Facebook, was to write in a more serious way and perhaps even post a blog with photos and artwork. I have been taking a writing class with my new friend Barbara O Neil and she is amazing. She has a blog and hers has inspired me so here goes.

Peter and his second cousin Dina Bloom

The snow birds greeted me this morning as they ate their morning thistle on the snowy deck. Our sweet golden, Jamie, watches them for a moment and then goes back to snoozing at my feet on the sofa. I love the early morning when everyone is asleep and I can sip my coffee, write or just delight in the silence and promise of a new day.
We are all looking forward to Christmas with Paul's second cousin Dina but sad to miss his brother, Steve and their family. After Christmas we will go to our funky ski condo in Stow, Vermont ; love these traditions.