Thursday, September 26, 2013

The gift of another birthday at house 4

I am sitting on the upper porch in my favorite white rocker  that overlooks Tern Island and  the last of the  camps on North Beach Island. There are only five left where once there were dozens. This fragile barrier beach is defined by the wonderful camps that have been there for all my years in Chatham and those before me. Like folklore, they are part of so many collective memories and as I look out I pray they will survive another winter.

It is my birthday and I am flanked by three dogs. Resident Maggie ( Charlie's best friend), our dear 13 year old golden Jamie and our one year old golden Charlie.

We wake to the sunrise and utter silence.
The water like glass, reflecting azure blues.
I drink my coffee while the world sleeps, even the gulls.
Then the quietest walk.

I think of Mary Oliver, be still my beating heart.
I listen to the silence of the early morning.

I love this view, maybe more than any other.
It's like an old friend.
I know it's seasons.
Fierce biting winds of winter.
Sweet summer kisses.
The wheats and russets of fall
and the ripening yellow greens of spring's promise.

It is my birthday,
I am grateful for another year lived.
Another year of love and life, with all it's messiness and perfections.
It's disappointments and surprises.
Give love and live love and vow to live a life worth living!