Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good things follow bad things

In the past six months there have been but a handful of days that I didn't walk at least one beach. A stomach bug kept me in one day, another was just too bitter and windy and the days I was away. That was until three weeks ago when I was diagnosed with shingles. I think of myself as pretty bullet proof but this was hideously painful, debilitating and isolating. At one point the nerve pain brought me to tears.
Now I am on the mend; not 100% energy wise but trying to be patient. I did find I have a "window" most days of a couple of decent hours.A few weeks ago I dropped two collages off at the Creative Arts Center in Chatham and later got a call I was an Honorable Mention winner. Later in the week I made my way to The Mayflower , an iconic gift store in Chatham, to show them my line of cards and they enthusiastically placed an order. So those were two very positive things that happened and now I plan to make up for lost time on the beach!