Thursday, June 4, 2020

My Soul Hurts

My soul hurts,
my heart hurts.
This is a new low for me,
For America.
Two countries divided by Trump.
Divided by

In less three months 105,000 people have died
from Covid19 and Trump calls in the military
police to clear peaceful protesters with tear gas
and rubber bullets. My friends son from Harwich,
Tyler Nickerson, was one of them. He was arrested
that night. He had never been in a protest, was not
a political activist per se and had never been in jail.
He just felt he had to do SOMETHING!

Passionate, caring people of all ages and colors came
together for a peaceful protest, their right and get gassed
and shot at so Trump can stand in front of St. Johns's
church to have a photo opp of him holding " a bible ",
not even his bible ( which he probably doesn't even own )
He stood with his all white male cabinet and one young
white woman with a black military type jacket and not one
was wearing a mask.

more to follow...