Saturday, October 18, 2014


Obsession, isn't that what life is? Obsession with love, children, art, writing, teaching, photography and now puppies. Obsession with anything that stirs the soul to it's depths. It could be chasing light, walking the beach, mixing colors, writing, gardening; these are the personal obsessions at the top of my list. Now I am relishing in the first week of " Rosie " our new addition. 10 weeks old and a bundle of love;  full of confidence and happiness. She is trying to fit into the very established pack. 14 year old matriarch, Jamie and 2 year old, Charlie. It's a tough nut to crack with Charlie, whose nose is a bit out of joint but she's doing it. We keep telling Charlie, " She'll be your pal and then he will be obsessed with her.