Thursday, February 11, 2016

Values Matter

I am sitting at the kitchen table feeling humbled and small after my painting class.
I struggled all morning to get a decent drawing/ underpainting of two pears in a bowl;
yes, two frigging pears in a bowl. I came home with nothing but a piece of 12 by 18
canvas paper toned with burnt umber and the realization that I didn't know squat about
drawing, painting, color and especially value.

After class I decided to go to Whole Foods; when in doubt, food shop. I needed two things and yet I managed to spend $100 which fit in two brown paper bags. At least dinner was covered and I found
the two items.

 I got home ,left the brown grocery bags on the kitchen table and unloaded the painting supplies. As I hauled in the last of the supplies my bin of oil paints slipped out of my hands
leaving a nice stain of cadmium red on the carpet. Was this a sign?

Later, as I sat down to eat lunch I looked at the still unpacked  grocery bags on the table.
Nestled between the the various writing on the bag, "watermelon, green juice, organic eggs, sushi"
was "Values Matter" I looked at it in disbelief. Though I am discouraged, part of me feels this could be a really important day for me. "Values Matter "