Saturday, May 2, 2020

What is your zone?

I am the official artist in the family. It is hard to truly understand an artist
unless you are one. It's not like we are in some special club but we do experience something that is hard to explain. It is a zone; a place where everything falls away, where time is not time. The first
place I experienced it was in the darkroom. Minutes turned into hours and in the glow of the orange safelights time had no relevance. The darkroom is probably the penultimate when it comes to being
in the zone. For me painting comes in second. There are many ways people experience this feeling.
Anything that transports us to a place where we lose all sense of time; gardening, running, listening to
or playing music, reading, surfing, skiing. The list goes on. Imagine my delight when my sister in law
took a dog painting workshop and described how much she loved it and said " I really felt like I was in the zone!" What a thrill to hear those words. Welcome to my, not always, but sometimes, glorious world. What is your Zone?