Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Looking forward, looking back

The puppy is sleeping,
rain is falling,
there is so much I want to do;
the creative pull ever at odds
with the practical.
The incessant " to do " list
or the blind contour ;
a weekly mail exchange with my art friend , Nancy.
I printed out her blog so I could curl up on
the sofa later and travel vicariously with her.
She told me my blog inspired her and that makes me happy.
I have not been writing many blog posts since we moved;
losing the inspiration I got from my writing group was hard.
I just looked at my blog views and they were shockingly high
so that was inspiring. I thank those of you who check out
my posts from time to time and hope you too will do what feeds your soul.


Today I made a secret place, tucked away on a secret beach,
behind the scrub pines and the dunes. I hung out there until the
sky turned dark and the heavens threatened to open.
As I was searching for driftwood to paint on I came across two
wooden chairs that had washed deep up into the salt marsh. There
was also a tree stump which I rolled in front of the chairs for a foot rest.
I cannot wait to go back with the pups