Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Charlie's Tree


I woke up at 5:45, brewed my french press and brought my a asian mug
out to my favorite chaise. The morning was cloudy yet as I sat looking over
at my neighbors yard I noticed the trunk of her tree was glowing an orangey
red. It was so incredible I felt like I was seeing things. I grabbed my camera
to see if I could capture it . Moments later it was gone. It felt so powerfully
like Charlie was in that tree; glowing and shining his light on me and telling
me he was happy.

The morning after he died I was sitting on the same chaise weeping and the
tiniest dragon fly landed on my knee and stayed there for a long, long time.
I wasn't totally sure about that but I am totally sure about this. On a cloudy
day with no sun this tree was GLOWING ! My Charlie bear, my love, shining
his light

on me. Nature is my greatest healer. That tree will always be
my " Charlie Tree "