Saturday, August 2, 2014

Old School part 2

It was easier then and harder.
You made a choice to be a photographer; you made a
commitment to it. Cameras, lenses, filters, film; lots of
choices. Physical and financial choices and time spent learning
how to put all of that together; creating a product, usually a black
and white photograph that you spent hours in a darkroom printing
and later more time spotting, dry mounting and framing.

My greatest teacher is now in her late eighties; her name is Olive Pierce.
Olive published two photo books and showed her work in highly
regarded galleries and museums. She was my teacher at New England
School of Photography in Boston and later when I decided to pursue
and Art Education degree at Tufts she became my mentor teacher
at Cambridge Rindge & Latin H.S.

I am 61 years young and still love photography in all it's forms. Where I
once resisted digital I now embrace it. I love to see people taking pictures
with their phones and I love to use my phone to take pictures. I still shoot
primarily with cameras, a small point and shoot, a mid sized Canon G-10
and a Nikon D80 35mm digital with a sweet 18-200mm lens. I don't
alter my photos in Photoshop so what you see is what I saw. Maybe that's
the old school in me and I'm ok with that.