Sunday, November 27, 2011

A New Life..... The Beat Goes on

It was a spectacular October morning. The sun poured through my window like golden honey. By 8am I was on the beach with Jamie walking from Cow Yard to the fish pier where I spent time chatting with my friend Howie. He was heading out in his catboat hoping to see whales. I learned from his brother in law that a catboat is defined by it's " approximate " measurement of 1/2 as wide as it is long. I was amazed at how big the boat looked from my high vantage point up on the pier.
My Aunt Nannie loved catboats. My grandparents had a spectacular sailboat named " The Riptide." I've never been much of a sailer myself but I never tire of watching them, be it resting quietly on their mooring or sailing elegantly on the ocean.
Later, as I was riding my bike down Shore Road I saw them sailing on the southern tip of North Beach Island. It took my breath away!