Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Why do artists charge so much for their work?

Twenty five years ago I walked into the Lange Miller Gallery with my mother.
The building was old with tall ceilings, wide pine floors and the space was
flooded with light. The first thing I saw was a 5 by 5 ft oil painting
of peonies, tulips, a chair, pears and an empty white plate. The painting was a
riot of color and it literally stopped me in my tracks. I stood there completely
transfixed for 5 minutes, saying over and over, "Mum, look at this, can you believe it?'
I could barely breathe and I knew I was experiencing something profound.

My mother quietly went into the back of the gallery and told the artist, Janvier Miller,
she was buying the painting for me. It was $5000- and it was "my birthday present for
the rest of my life" It was the first real painting I ever owned.

Most mornings I have my coffee with this painting. It is like a muse of sorts. I never
love it less. At the time, $ 5000- seemed like a lot of money but now I truly understand
"why artists charge so much for their art " The response to that question, which was
asked of me a few days ago, will be my next blog.