Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Childhood friends

Alex has been on spring break from University of Vermont. Soon after his arrival the house was filled with " Concord friends ". What a treat to see all of them hanging out; happily reminiscing as they flipped through albums and looked at photos on our new Imac. We marveled at how good everyone looked in the prom photos. Looking at those photos lead to funny stories; first girlfriends, first kisses, etc. The next day, as Alex and I drove to the movies, we talked about some of his childhood pranks; pulling out snow stakes at Wright Farm with Theo and untying birthday balloons with Phil. There has never been a dull moment with these spirited boys. Now they have turned into serious college students but they will never lose the loyalty that childhood friendships bring. 


  1. Great post mom, I do it all for you

  2. Thank you for this thought provoking blog, filled with honest reflections on your life and the world at large. I know I speak for your many readers who would love to post but can't figure out how!

  3. Blogger wanna be here and trying to leave a comment.

  4. What a good looking group of boys!

    I had to giggle at their pranks! I got to talking with my students about pranks and most of them ended up taking a ride in an ambulance because of one "prank" or another. Thirteen out of the fourteen had been in an ambulance! Some more than once! These are not your normal Southern Oregon boys, I must add. They are boys who know where darkness hides.

    Thanks for writing! I'm happy to be connected!