Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dare to dream

Do not give up your dreams; hold them close, protect them and share them carefully. There are forces out there that will conspire against your dreams. You know them all too well, they sound kind of like this " You'll never make any money doing __________ " " You re not qualified to get into _____________ " The list goes on. Lives have been ruined by these voices, the naysayers and the killjoys. Maybe they were a parent, a spouse, a sibling or even a well meaning friend. The voice that drowned out yours. The bucket of water on the fire of your passion. Take the bucket out of their hands and pour it onto the seeds of your passion. Do it quietly, do it with the strength of your conviction but do it. Do it for yourself and if you fail at least you know you believed in something, you believed in yourself. There will always be the voices that say you can't or it won't work. Hush those voices and believe in yourself.


  1. take that bucket from their hands and pour it on your seeds.
    I love that!
    You are full of inspiration, Robin! This is wonderful. The cape must have been good for your soul!

  2. this was a really great post mom, your writing just keeps getting better and better.
    Love you