Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Question

This is an unedited writing from my writing class. The prompt was " A question. " This writing practice is based on "Writing down the Bones " by Natalie Goldberg. We wrote for 10 minutes.
There is more detail on this practice under older posts, maybe it was the darkness one but I'm not totally sure.
Questioning as a writing technique
questioning as a way to learn more
questioning ourselves
questioning to unlock the mysteries of the world
I question you
you question me
your love for me , my love for you
the world is full of questions
like a trunk, an old musty trunk
there are keys to unlock in every question we ask
there are histories to learn
worlds to imagine
hearts to break
or hearts to mend
the person who asks lots of questions
can be someone who is constantly learning
or someone who just loves the sound of their own voice
there are lazy questions
probing questions
innocent questions
surprising questions
perplexing questions
if we asked more questions
if we asked the right kinds of questions
would we be better people
smarter people
or just people who asked lots of questions
if we stopped questioning ourselves
our work
our intentions
wouldn't we be at the very least happier people
no one has all the answers
so maybe the key to life
lays in the questions we ask ourselves
how do I be more present
more kind
more productive
more me

1 comment:

  1. Robin, thank you for posting the piece you wrote in class last week. I loved it then and am grateful to read it in more detail now.

    The repeating of the world key, the exploring all different kinds of questioning, the final conclusion to be present, to be yourself. This has a lovely flow. A poem. I remember you said quietly after writing, "that was a good prompt." I loved it too, and had never used it before. It was pretty profound for everyone, I think.

    Thanks for all you bring to the class, Robin. You bring a willingness to take risks, to say it like it is, to share deeply and listen deeply.
    I will miss you this week! Have fun on the cape with family.