Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blessing of the Fleet

On May 22nd we attended our first "Blessing of the Fleet" in Chatham, MA. The catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf weighed heavy on everyones hearts that day and who would ever imagine that thousands of barrels of oil would still be gushing into the Gulf everyday. I imagine people who live and die by the sea have a profound connection with with each other in spirit and in heart. I felt the love and concern that day. In the ten "Prayers of the People" two were specific to the oil spill.
"We pray to the fishing communities in The Gulf of Mexico and the fisherman who have lost their livelihoods because of the oil spill. Give them the strength and courage needed to survive in the coming years." Another prayer read "We pray that the oil pouring from the oceans floor will be quickly contained. Protect the fish and mammals that live in the Gulf waters. Look after the wetlands, the wildlife and the beaches."
Sadly the oil pouring from the ocean floor has not been quickly contained. It is close to two months and it has not been contained at all. Someone suggested they plug it with the greedy BP folks who sanctioned stepped up production in favor of the advised slow, steady and safe. They are lucky no one jumped on that bandwagon. It is easy to lay blame and yet I know there are no easy answers or quick fixes. What I do know is we are all blessed to have the sea, its bounty, its beauty and the fishermen and women who bless us with their daily catch. Here are a few last words from that amazing morning.
Excerpt from "Thanksgiving for Fishing Families"
Almighty God, we give thanks for all those who work at sea. We acknowledge our need for the food they provide. We recognize that they are sometimes in danger and their long absences often involve sacrifices in their family life. Help us show gratitude not only in our words, but also in our actions. Amen
God, we ask your blessing on all who care for fishermen and women. Strengthen them when the hours are long. Uphold them when the work is hard. Amen

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  1. nice. This is a good reminder of how what happens to our oceans directly affects the people who work on the sea and indirectly affects all of us.
    Oceans belong to no one, so they are the responsibility of everyone.