Thursday, January 6, 2011


The other day as I was leaving the library I ran into an artist acquaintance; she rode toward me on an old fashioned bike wearing a stylish beret. It was frigid out yet she seemed impervious. She looked healthy and chic and alive. We chatted a bit and both agreed it would be great to get together for coffee. I told her I would email her and she said " Oh no, I hate email! Why don't you just call me." I chuckled to myself. Lately I've been thinking about how easy and how complicated reaching out has become. One friend likes email, another only replies to texts, my friend from school replies to facebook messages and never returns phone messages. Texting is the best bet with my beloved boys. Most of my ex students will respond to fb messages and when I asked a group of Alex's friends most agreed phone first and then chatting on fb. With so many ways to communicate it's hard to keep track of who likes what. I still like the phone . It's the most personal. After that texting as it's fast and gets the best results with my boys.
Now my pups, Teddy and Jamie don't like any of the above. They're easy. All I have to say is "Want to go for a woodsy ?' They always answer with a big smile, wild wag and then they bound for the door. I like that, it's easy!

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