Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Early morning musings

Mary Oliver keeps popping into my head;
"Why I wake early."
" Stand still and be astonished."
This morning our 12 year old golden woke me at 5:45. That was good but 4:45 would have been even better. That would give me time to leisurely sip my coffee, get dressed and out before the sunrise.

I saw it rising over the trees outside my bedroom window but I wasn't out experiencing it. Before the wind begins to stir, there is a stillness to the morning that gives a canvas of ever changing reflections.  Walking along the beach this morning was like a religious experience. Nature never fails to amaze me with her palette of color, songs of the shore birds and smells of the sea. Maybe tomorrow I'll see the sunrise.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Robin,
    Got your call. You are doing cool stuff. congrats on the gallery, a dream you have had. I am impressed with your focus and productivity. Getting your work out there. Glad the summer is going well. mIne also. Sort of all over the place and away a lot. Amazing to have time to do things with David now that he has shifted his focus from work to what is next.
    The one thing we can depend on is change! Take care, Barbara