Friday, January 8, 2010

Looking back on Christmas

We had a perfect Christmas.It was snowy and festive. On Christmas eve we went for our traditional round of drinks at the Colonial Inn followed by carols in Concord center. Dina Bloom, Paul's second cousin from France joined us; bringing the memories of her father ( Paul's cousin Teddy) and our lifetime of gatherings with their family. Dina is a passionate photographer.  She shot constantly the whole time she was here. She photographed the dogs, the xmas tree, our family and Estabrook woods. She totally inspired me to integrate my camera more into my daily life. As I looked at her photographs ,as well as those that Paul and I were taking, I was reminded that everyday moments can become extraordinary through photographs. Two days after Christmas we took her into Boston so she could return to N.Y.C. As we waited for her to safely board the megabus I wished I had brought my camera. The sunset was all pinks with hints of blue and purple. The Charles River looked like a luminous ribbon weaving through two cities and the Hancock glowed with it's shimmering mirrors reflecting the dazzling colors of the afternoon sky, As Dina stood there waiting, her white scarf wrapped aroun her neck, she looked so beautiful. I wished I had brought my camera for one last shot before she left. I could hear myself saying, as I had to my students " bring your camera everywhere". If only I had listened to my own advice.

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