Saturday, February 13, 2010

I love Valentines day. I've always been partial to hearts so it's the perfect excuse to draw hearts, paint hearts and cut out hearts. It is also a great opportunity to use everything I have "recycled for art sake " such as yogurt cups, styrofoam meat trays, egg cartons and onion bags. All the scraps of paper I have saved, stamps from letters, wrapping tissue and old ribbon find new life in my creations. Turn on some good music, grab some paint, rubber stamps, markers, gel medium, scissors and whatever inspires. Spread it all out on the biggest table you have and let it flow. I send you all my heart and wish you a happy Valentines day and lots of chocolate. I like dark, hint, hint...


  1. beautiful!
    I recognize the red chocolate bar wrapping,
    bought when we had lunch at La Provence.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Happy Valentines day mom i miss you and love you so much