Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The power of a card

I made 5 cards for Valentines day; one for Paul, one for Peter, one for Alex and two extra. I liked the two extra I made and decided to have them made into cards I could send year round.
I love cards and send cards all the time. Finding the perfect card for someone is a worthy challenge. I also collect cards. When I see one I like I buy it and save it. My collection of cards is organized by occasion in a lucite holder I found for three dollars at Ginny Nickerson' s yard sale years ago. In a pinch, I always have a card when I need it.
Last night when I got home from a quiet day at the art store where I work , I was delighted to see a hand written card peaking out from a pile of bills and junk mail. It had a rubber stamp at the bottom and in very neat print was written my name. Inside was a handmade valentine from my friend Barbara. It was a brilliant card and I cannot describe how happy it made me. I realized I hardly ever get cards anymore , more often I get evites.( those are green but not nearly as exciting, yes I am woefully old fashioned... )
Later that night Alex called to say he had gotten my my card and how much he loved it. He said
" The artwork is really good Mom. " In the morning I had sent out my first official card orders. My best friend ordered 50 of the sailboat painting on driftwood ( in earlier post ) and another friend ordered 25. I think I am going into the card business! I will keep you all posted.
It is finally snowy here and the winter light is magic. " Today is a gift, that is why we call it the present. "

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