Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thank you bright spirits of Virginia and CRLS

Yesterday two young girls came into Albright Art. It was the end of a quiet day at the gallery and I was feeling a bit lonely. The sound of excited chatter, giggles and feet clumping down the stairs signaled their arrival. It was like sunshine suddenly filled the room! They had seen the window display of art supplies and came clamoring down clutching each other. The sight of those wondrous 8th grade girls filled my heart. The first thing they said as they looked at all the art supplies was " Oh, we have to find our art teacher, she would love this store." One girl reminded me of a humming bird in a field of bright red flowers. She exclaimed to her friend "Oh look at this, maybe I should get this for my mother, my mother loves pens, she's an artist." Excited exclamations came out of her almost faster than she could form the words. After a few minutes she decided to buy her mum a parallel pen and the other girl bought a small sketch pad that she would do a sketch of Concord in before she gave it to her mother.
When I inquired they proudly told me they were from " a very small girls school in Williamsburg, Virginia and the school's philosophy is modeled on the Transcendentalist movement." They had just been to the Alcott House and we talked about May Alcott, the wonderful artist in the family whose brilliant work was sadly overshadowed by the attention that her sister and father got. Every year the school does a spring field trip with their 8th grade girls to the Boston/Concord area to learn first hand about the Transcendentalists that lived here.
Seeing those girls made me miss my freshman Fundamental of Art class; there was a gaggle of them that would come spilling into my art room each morning full of giggles and promise asking " What are we doing today Mrs. Litwin? " There is nothing better than being around people who are so full of wonder and life. Thank you to those two bright spirits who lifted mine yesterday. I will keep you in my heart.

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  1. Robin!!!! It's Lisa O. It was great meeting you in town. I've just had a little free time, so I just read your whole blog!! I can't tell you how many times it put a smile on my face. Everything you're doing is so inspirational!!
    Have you considered using Etsy to market your cards? I sell the jewelry I've made on Etsy. It's easy to use and I'd be happy to be a resource if you need help getting started.
    I'll try to become a "Follower" if I can figure out how.
    Keep on writing! ... I'll be here reading!