Monday, June 7, 2010

Bates Graduation Speeches part 2

A week ago Peter graduated. Since then there has been lots of unpacking, countless loads of laundry and more focus on what food is ( or isn't ) in the fridge. A week later I am still thinking about his graduation. Paul loaded the photos we shot, both film and digital, into the computer. I am happy that some of them captured the magic, love and pride we all felt that weekend.
There were two other speakers at graduation I wanted to write about. First was Jane Pauley who received a Doctor of Humane Letters. Peter's rhetoric teacher, Stephanie Kelley Romano, conferred the degree. Kelley Romano had a huge impact on Peter so this added a personal aspect.
Jane Pauley, for all she has accomplished as a groundbreaking female journalist for NBC, could not have been more humble. Her book about her personal struggle with bipolar disorder and the the health center in Indiana she lent her name to are beacons of hope for people who struggle with financial and emotional issues.
She opened by saying " I wish I had worried less and enjoyed my success more."
She talked about Mark Twain and said " He suffered from comparisons too."
Her insight and advice pertained to how often we get hung up on what we can't do. She said
" Focus on what you can do." She closed by saying " Inspiration is everywhere, but you have to be looking. "
For what it's worth, I agree. Inspiration is everywhere; so open your eyes, open your heart, and open your mind!

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