Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A generous spirit

Last week I finally met Christopher Seufert, a Cape photographer I have been admiring for years.
This photograph of the dory with Stage Harbor Lighthouse in the background was shot at 7 am with a Nikon coolpix. The Chatham Chamber of Commerce used it last spring for the cover of the Chatham guide book and made a poster of it. The Chatham guide is a free little booklet about the town and I'd guess thousands upon thousands are distributed every year. The poster sold for $10 dollars as a fundraiser and was a huge hit. I'm sure we were not the only ones who loved it enough to buy it for $10 and spend $100 to frame it. I think this photo was the breakout image for Christopher. This image, after years and years of hard work, put him on the map so to speak and he deserves it.
When I met him last week at his new gallery, Narrowland Gallery, I was impressed with his open spirit. He is the opposite of someone who won't share their recipe. As his sweet two year old boy played a Dora game on his laptop he patiently answered my queries about his work. The most important thing he said was, " I shoot with everything, a toy camera, my Marker, Cool pix, whatever I have on hand." Best advice; just have something, anything to capture that light, moment, interaction with. In the beginning of the summer I always used to buy a few disposable cameras to throw in the beach bags ( good cameras and sand are a bad combination)
I think I'll pick one up today. Thank you Christopher!

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  1. Nice piece Robin, and inspiring too. I like the idea that any camera will do, just capture the image! Good research you are doing there. A good reminder too to just get your work out there, try and try again.

    We're in the white mountains of NH hiking and staying at a friend's house in Waterville Valley. I think I'll post some of my photos on the blog.

    Keep at it. You are an artist!