Wednesday, August 4, 2010

90 seconds of fame

I've been submitting photos to Tim Wood, the editor of the Cape Cod Chronicle for a few months. The Chronicle is an well written weekly paper that I typically read from cover to cover, even in the off season when I'm in Concord.
The first photo published was a heron in flight over my favorite beach at Cow Yard Landing. The second was of a grandmother teaching her grandson to see reflections at the Mitchell River Bridge. Both were toward the end of the paper; they were small but they were there. I was pleased to be getting published.
On Monday evening, July 26th, I was coming out of a talk by Gary Skomal, a renowned expert on sharks. As we have been having numerous shark sightings, Lighthouse Beach was mobbed with people hoping to catch some excitement. The light over the beach was anything but magic. I noticed a crusty old timer with a big lens and wondered what he was photographing. Thankfully I heard him respond to someone asking a question of that nature. He said, " I'm waiting for the full moon, it's rising at 8:22." It was 8:10 at the time, I was tired and planned to go straight home. I didn't have my Nikon and the sky held little promise. As I headed toward the fish pier something inside me made me pull in. My friend Mackenzie was there finishing up her shift at Nickersons. We were talking when she said " Wow, look at the moon! " We stood and watched as the palest moon peeked over the outer bar. I went up to the lookout and took a series of shots with my point and shoot digital Canon. I stayed for awhile to watch nature's spectacular show.
According to The Farmers Almanac, " Full moon names date back to the Native Americans. The tribes kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to each recurring full moon. July is normally the month when the new antlers of bucks push out of their foreheads in velvety fur."
When I got home I loaded the photos onto my Mac and sent a few to Tim Wood. It was past the deadline for submissions so it didn't occur to me it would get in. Imagine my surprise at the grocery store when it was on the front page. Eureka, my 90 seconds of fame!

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  1. "we stood and watched as the palest moon peaked over the outer bar."

    Great line. This is a lovely piece about perseverance, noticing everything (including what other photographers are looking at) and letting inspiration hit even when you have made other plans.

    congratulations!!! Put that on your list of accomplishments when you apply to gallerys, etc.

    Does the paper pay anything for the use of your photo?

    Thanks for your comments about my road trip. Being a photographer and writer makes everything fun. No matter where you are, there is material!