Monday, September 6, 2010

A day in the life of a fisherman

Sometimes I ride my bike down to the fish pier and watch the early morning unfold. One boat is pulling in nets, another is replacing the bow windows. Cutting the glass to the exact shape of a curved window takes the skill of two. The two fisherman and a third casual interloper consult over how to cut the glass so it doesn't crack. A tremendous amount of teamwork is involved in the life of a fisherman/woman. They depend on each other for all the mundane details of keeping their boat running. They depend on each other to stay alive in extreme seas.
The sounds and smells here are an elixir; the banter and laughter of the fisherman, the cry of gulls, music from a nearby boat and the ocean roar from the outer bar. It has taken close to 45 minutes to cut one window. now there is a second one. The ocean spray eats away at the windows and they need to be replaced every two years.
On the other boat two fisherman pull in endless feet of nets. They are untangling and cleaning nets, many of which have hooks in them. The fish they catch with these nets are mostly monk, skate and dogfish. Destination; China, Japan, France, England, " all over the place."
As I watch these fisherman I am in awe. It is hard work but I think most of them love what they do. They have a profound connection to the sea. They also have a connection to anyone who loves and eats fish. They put food on our tables and for that we should give thanks.

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  1. you are like a reporter on the street. thanks for the view into life and work on the cape!