Sunday, October 24, 2010

100 cards and the beauty of a real store

Last weekend when I went into The Concord Bookstore Jill looked at me, beaming, and said "We just sold you 100th card! " The Concord Bookstore has always been one of my favorite shops in town. It is also one of the few stores that has remained virtually unchanged and hasn't closed it's doors. I have lived in Concord for 25 years and the first to close in my time was the 5&10. When I was working in the old black and white darkroom at Anderson Photo, Kristen Anderson and I would eat lunch at the counter; the best blt's ever and a mound of french fries to die for. The waitresses were old and grumpy and at the same time wonderful and familiar. Other stores that have since closed are The Mary Curtis Shop, Open Market, Placewares, and The Harness Shop.
Now for the good news......stores that are significant to me and are still there. The Colonial Store, The Cheese Shop, The Pot Shop ( may have the name wrong) Artinians, The Toy Shop, Vanderhoofs and The Cambridge Trust and of course, The Concord Bookstore.
A few years ago I saw a bumper sticker that resonated for me and one I try to live by. It's simple and wise, " Think globally, shop locally." If we get all our books online or at big chains like Costco or Barnes and Noble how can independent stores like The Concord Bookstore survive? It's easy for me, I would rather flip through through a book, try on a nightie or get personal help with my finances than order online. Call me a luddite, it's ok with me but please consider my favorite bumper sticker and shop locally.

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  1. Nice tribute to Concord Center. It got me thinking about what else is gone. In the early 1980's I bought an orange parka from an outdoor store next to Vanderhof's! I remember the ladies at the 5 and 10 and the creak of the wooden floor as I walked down the aisles. Remember the bead shop? Kussim's? and White's pharmacy where the Toy Store is now.
    A good bookstore, now that makes the neighborhood. I too buy books there when I can.
    congratulations on the 100th card!!! The display looks great!