Friday, September 30, 2011

Looking back, notes on the move and September

September 15th
Got here and just crashed in the sunny backyard for a bit before facing unpacking yet another car load. Got the car half unpacked and decided Jamie needed the reward of a beach walk after her many days of uncertainty ( what a good sport she has been! ) We got to Cow Yard around 5. The water was glorious and we swam together letting the ocean wash away all the stress of the move. The tide was high and the light was nothing short of spectacular. A low hanging foggy mist hung over the fish pier with an amazing light that cannot be described; on the dune grass and on the boats. A red boat on the water in September is a red that defies the written word, defies a camera, a paintbrush; it is a red that simply needs to be experienced, at the moment, in the moment and nothing less. I was lucky enough on this last day of moving to experience that red.

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  1. Your Harwich house is darling.
    Thanks for your call. Busy here with four writing classes most weeks
    and my girls in contact over future planning of all kinds.
    Minor construction project on the house and putting the
    vegetable garden to bed. Enjoy this lovely weather on the Cape! xo