Saturday, January 7, 2012

Notes on the" Constance Sea "

" Constance Sea " is one of my favorite fishing boats at the Chatham Fish Pier. This morning I met the owner of this exquisite boat. Greg was happy to learn that I had taken a beautiful photograph of his boat and was generous enough to let me photograph him and answer my questions. Greg and his crew of three went out for 24 hours, leaving Thursday at 11pm and getting in at 11pm on Friday. I believe he said they were about 50 miles south of Nantucket. They brought in monkfish and skate.
The fish, which are packed in ice are loaded into the fish shoot and then packed in shipping containers with more ice. The monkfish go to Asia, mostly Korea, along with their livers which are in the bags. I was told the livers are used in sushi, though I must say that sounds a bit odd. The skate wings get shipped to France.

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