Friday, January 22, 2010

donate your coin(s) jar to Haiti

Sometimes the chaos, sadness and random state of the world overwhelms us. The t.v., internet, radio etc. blasts our senses and it is easy to feel powerless. The situation in Haiti is haunting me as I know it is all of you. In my many years of teaching at Cambridge Rindge & Latin H.S. many amazing Haiten students blessed my life. I cannot put words on these experiences for they would not begin to describe the depth of love and connection I felt. The most tangible thing I can share without question is the appreciation all my students felt for the opportunities they had and the deep love they had for their lives in America and Haiti. These young, sweet, hardworking students had such a powerful impact on me and I pray for all of them everyday. What's in your coin jar?

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  1. Okay, I'm v. impressed––love all the photos (somehow this just got really small! I'm so hopeless on my computer–in the dark); so now I'm following you too.