Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lap of love and luxury

I have always loved the idea of " getting out of dodge " for a midwinter reprieve. New England has a way of testing one's metal and the endless rains of March sorely tested mine. I have always cast my vote for a February or April vacation in a warm, tropical place. Most of the time I am in the minority in a 3 to 1  family vote in favor of a cold and hopefully snowy place to ski. Don't get me wrong, I am an enthusiastic winter girl and a pretty decent skier but around March I am ready to move on to sand between my toes and the kiss of sunshine on my face. 
Thanks to Paul's brother and his wife we were treated to the most blissful 5 days in Naples, Florida. There is nothing better than family time in a perfectly beautiful place. Everyone works hard, whether it's the kids at school or the grownups at life and work. Being able to put all that aside and just be in the lap of luxury and love is, as Stevie said, " the greatest gift ".

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  1. lucky you! your trip sounds wonderful.
    glad you got away. lets get together soon!