Friday, October 29, 2010

The geese fly by my window

The geese fly by my window
over the wetlands
over the pink clouds
that sit softly on the horizon
they are large groups that instinctively form into 
the classic v formation
or sometimes a straight line 
of a mere four
They are a certain portender 
of things to come and
things to go 
the lovely autumn leaves
ablaze with colors like fire
will fall to be replaced with
the browns and grays of winter
It will get very quiet
very cold and very sad in those early days of November
when too many people I loved died
I will celebrate and remember
my mother, Junie
Paul and Steve's father Poppie
and my father, Timmy
I will not dread November
or be sad in November
as I once was
they would not want that
I will live for them
I will live with them in my heart
I will carry the love they gave me
into the world

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  1. Robin,
    This is lovely, thanks for posting it. It certainly is what inspires!